How I Quit Coffee and Became Obsessed with Matcha

I was not always a matcha lover. In fact, for years I had the blinders on when it came to matcha. I was a daily coffee drinker and my morning routine required a cortado to get me going. However, I had a love-hate relationship with coffee as it was not always a pleasant ride on the coffee train. I had plenty of sleepless nights where I over-caffeinated earlier in the day and woke up feeling awful. Coffee brought on feelings of anxiety, jitters and afternoon crashes. But I craved that coffee high. In the end I limited myself to one shot of espresso before 10 am and tons of water to flush out my system or else I was flirting with disaster.

Over the years I tried many coffee alternatives such as mushroom powders, chicory and breakfast teas. But it wasn’t until I finally opened my eyes to matcha that my life changed, and I became obsessed with everything it had to offer. Matcha was readily available to me this entire time, yet I paid it no attention and certainly never knew about any of its powerful health benefits or that it’s a delicacy in Japan.

Matcha has a powerful ingredient, the amino acid L-theanine, which allow those who are caffeine sensitive to have the energy boost without any of the coffee downsides. L-theanine regulates the effects of caffeine in the blood stream and generates soothing alpha waves in the brain. The result is that famous Zen-like, focused-awareness accompanied by feelings of tranquil relaxation. It’s a smooth lift rather than a sharp jolt!

I’m now a devout matcha aficionado because of how good I feel when I drink it. I also love knowing that I'm supplying my body with an awesome amount of EGCG, the super antioxidant predominantly found in matcha. My morning matcha ritual gives me an awesome boost, provides all-day energy with great concentration, and then calms me like a cozy blanket when I’m ready to wind down. Yes - matcha can do all that!

As a Japanese American I’m so happy to share all I can about the beautiful tradition of matcha in Japan, its numerous health benefits, and all the delicious ways to enjoy it. What I’ve discovered is that the world of matcha is vast if you just open your mind to the brilliant, humble and magical verdant green powder.

Aiko Strasser, Owner